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Cast finishing by the experts on economic terms.

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Cast machining


Professional casting finishing


You have come to the right place when it comes to casting finishing. We separate your cast parts from the sprues and blast them professionally with various abrasives, individually tailored to your needs.




A wide variety of abrasives are used at B² smart precision, depending on your component requirements. The blasting material can, depending on the desired result, achieve an improved surface quality or even a compression of the surface. We also use special abrasives for visible parts, which visually enhance them for your later use.


We use:

- steel balls

- corundum

- glass beads

- aluminum titanium oxide

- stainless steel balls



After blasting, the cast parts are plastered, with the remains of the feeder system, ie the connection between the cast part and the casting unit, being ground away. Further process steps, such as straightening the components, are also possible.



Regardless of whether materials that are resistant to high temperatures and hot gas corrosion, steel alloys, aluminum and copper alloys or titanium alloys. We process all materials quickly and economically.


Casting process

We specialize in investment castings from open casting, vacuum casting and vacuum centrifugal casting. In addition, we also process cast parts that are manufactured using the sand and die casting process. Convince yourself of our products !


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